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Wine region Moselle

Goldenes Licht fällt auf das Moseltal und mit seinen Weinbergen und Dörfer ©AdobeStock
Einig-Zenzen Winery


Gansen Winery


Theisen Winery


The Moselle is Germany's oldest wine-growing region. Celts and Romans planted wine grapes here over 2,000 years ago. The steep mountain faces of the river valleys are covered in vines, which shape the region unlike almost any other wine-growing region in the world. In the area between Zell and Koblenz, the cliffs are often even so steep that the vines grow on thin, wall-reinforced terraces. The region is known for its excellent Riesling, incomparably fine, fruity white wines with an enormously deep flavour and typically a mineral note. In response to climate change, however, many other grape types are being grown (e.g. Pinot).

Meet the Vintners from the Wine region Moselle
Einig-Zenzen  Winery
The Einig-Zenzen family business has been involved in viticulture and the wine industry for more than 380 years. The family has its origins in the Moselle Valley and is now in its 13th generation of commitment to viticulture. The current form of operation dates back to 1939. At that time, it was founded and officially registered as a wine merchant in Valwig an der Terrassenmosel. For many years now, the business has been successfully run by Dr. Peter-Josef Zenzen and his wife Regina. In addition to wines from the region, they also market imported wines. In the field of dealcoholised wines, however, the choice fell deliberately on German grape varieties, as the fine interplay of aromas contributes decisively to the taste experience, especially in dealcoholised products.  

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Dr. Zenzen Riesling entalkoholisiertMore info in the app!
Logo Weingut Einig-Zenzen ©Weingut Einig-Zenzen
Gansen Winery
The Gansen winery from Ernst on the Terrassenmosel looks back on almost 400 years of history. In 2012, Fabian Gansen gave up his job in aviation to continue the family business of Manfred and Marianne Gansen. Since then, he has played a key role in shaping the processes in the vineyard and cellar. He incorporates both his father's experience and his own ideas about the taste and style of the wines. Fabian tries to combine traditions and modern winemaking techniques. With his craft, he creates wines that taste fresh and fruity and are simply a joy on the palate. The winery also includes holiday flats in the 100-year-old winegrowers' house.

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Winzer im Weinkeller schaut aus der Öffnung des Edelstahltanks mit einem Glas Wein in der Hand ©Weingut Gansen
Theisen Winery
The Theisen winery is located in the heart of the Calmont region and looks back on a tradition of more than 350 years. The family is already in its 14th generation of winegrowing in Nehren on the Terrassenmosel and today cultivates around 9.5 hectares. In addition to Riesling, the focus in recent years has increasingly been on the international grape varieties Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc as well as Muscat. In the neighbouring village of Ediger, the Theisen family runs the Rathausstübchen restaurant and guest rooms. Multiple awards with gold medals at the Rhineland-Palatinate wine awards brought the winery three honorary awards and three state honorary awards from the Chamber of Agriculture. The wines have also been successful in other national and international competitions.

Featured wine:
2022er Ediger Feuerberg Chardonnay Trocken More info in the app!
Weingut mit der Aufschrift Weingut Daniel Theisen, im Hintergrund die Mosel und Abendhimmel ©Weingut Theisen