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Flasche Wein wird auf der "Vinothek on Tour" auf dem Weinfestival eingeschenkt. ©Koblenz-Touristik GmbH, Picture Colada
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Enjoy a great start to the weekend with the Vinothek on Tour district evenings.

The mobile vinotheque of the Koblenz Wine Festival makes stops in various districts of Koblenz.
In the luggage: 10 festival wines from Weinstadt Koblenz and the Moselle, Middle Rhine and Ahr wine-growing regions as well as non-alcoholic refreshments, tasty snacks and danceable music. The ideal mix to ring in the weekend!

Admission is free!

Drinks will be served via the Koblenz wine glass, which is available for a deposit of €5.00 at all Koblenz Wine Festival events. Visitors are welcome to keep the Koblenz wine glass or exchange it for the deposit amount at all events.

Koblenz-Südliche Vorstadt
10. May 2024 | 5.00 pm
The Vinothek on Tour will kick off this year with a stop at Schenkendorfplatz in the southern suburbs.
Here you can enjoy the 10 festival wines of the wine festival, non-alcoholic refreshments and delicious food from Bäckerei Gassen.

The evening will be accompanied by the band WEICHSPIELER: the most important songs from hard rock, heavy metal, punk, grunge and a little indie in acoustic lounge style!
Lovely testimonies from rock history, interpreted in an unusual way, without ear beeps with piano and vocals.
Vinothek on Tour ©Picture Colada GmbH
Mendelssohn Park
17. May 2024 | 5.00 p.m.
18. May 2024 | 16.00 hrs
The second stop of the mobile vinotheque is Mendelssohn Park in Koblenz-Horchheim.
As in previous years, visitors can enjoy the cozy ambience of the park with delicious wine and food from the Gassen bakery.

Musical accompaniment by:

Friday: The Koblenz alternative rock band ANAX. They have been delighting audiences with honest, handmade rock for two years now.

Saturday: Telestar 4004
Menschen die mit Bier und Wein anstoßen bei der Veranstaltung Vinothek on Tour im Weinfestival Koblenz  ©Koblenz-Touristik, Picture Colada
At the Liebfrauenkirch
19. May 2024 | 16.00 hrs
20. May 2024 | 2.00 pm
The mobile vinotheque spends the Whitsun weekend on the forecourt of Liebfrauenkirche. @The 10 festival wines of the wine festival, non-alcoholic refreshments and delicious canapés ensure a colorful Pentecost Sunday.

Blick auf die Liebfrauenkirche mit Sonnenstrahlen hinter einem nebenstehenden Baum ©Koblenz-Touristik GmbH, Dominik Ketz
Empress Augusta Monument
31. May 2024 | 17.00 hrs
The Vinothek on Tour at the Empress Augusta Monument heralds the start of the famous Augusta Festival.
From Friday to Sunday, the Vinothek will be on site at the Augusta Festival and will provide you with the 10 festival wines.

Kaiserin Augusta Denkmal in den Rheinanlagen umgeben von Bäumen ©Koblenz-Touristik GmbH
At the Lion's Gate
07. June 2024 | 5.00 pm

For the first time this year, the Vinothek is making a stop in the Karthause district. The 10 festival wines can be tasted here at the Löwentor with musical accompaniment and delicious food.
Vinothek on Tour ©Picture Colada GmbH
At the Moselle bend
08. June 2024 | 16.00 hrs

Enjoy a glass of wine while watching the water - that's possible at the Vinothek on Tour at the Moselbogen in Güls. You can enjoy the selected festival wines on the meadow below the campsite.
Vinothek on Tour ©Picture Colada GmbH
Vorplatz des Fort Asterstein
29. Juni 2024 | 16.00 Uhr 
In diesem Jahr macht die Vinothek auch erstmals einen Stopp vor dem Fort Asterstein. In Kooperation mit dem Förderverein des Forts können Besucher*innen hier ein schönes Glas Wein mit dem Blick über Koblenz genießen. 
Luftaufnahme Fort Asterstein und Festung Ehrenbreitstein ©
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Menschen die mit Bier und Wein anstoßen bei der Veranstaltung Vinothek on Tour im Weinfestival Koblenz  ©Koblenz-Touristik, Picture Colada
Vinothek on Tour; Personen mit Weingläsern die Anstoßen ©Koblenz-Touristik GmbH, Picture Colada
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