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Hand hält Handy und bedient die Weinfestival-App. Menschengruppen mit Wein sitzen im Hintergrund ©Koblenz-Touristik GmbH
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At the numerous events of the wine festival, you can taste the selected wines and vote for your personal wine of the day in the app. Every day during the event, you can win vouchers for your next glass of wine at the Koblenz-Touristik GmbH mobile wine shop.

At the end of the festival, the most popular wine will be chosen as the overall winner by voting in the app and crowned WeinKaiserWein at the closing event.

We will be giving away the following six prizes among all participants:

1. Price
300W solar module Heckert NeMo 2.0 60 M 325
With 60 monocrystalline cells and a high degree of efficiency, the 300 W Heckert NeMo solar module ensures long-lasting energy yields.
Thanks to its compact design, small roofs, gardens or balconies can easily be used to generate electricity. In this way, the solar module saves electricity costs while supporting the energy transition.Presented by EVM
WeinKaiserWein Gewinn 2024, EVM ©EVM
2. Price
1x 2 annual tickets for the Seilbahn Koblenz
Immerse yourself in a year full of unforgettable moments with the annual pass for Seilbahn Koblenz!

Experience the beauty of the Rhine Valley from a bird's eye view. Whether it's a visit to the historic Festung Ehrenbreitstein, the commute into the city or an excursion into the fascinating landscape of the fortress plateau - with the annual pass for Seilbahn, the city is at your feet.Presented by Seilbahn Koblenz
Gewinn WeinKaiserWein, Seilbahn Koblenz ©Koblenz-Touristik, Dominik Ketz
3. Price
A weekend for 2 people at "Yokolou"
An unforgettable weekend at Yokolou Koblenz!

Whether it's a weekend trip to the city on the Rhine and Moselle or a short vacation at home.
Experience the unique atmosphere of the co-living apartment house in Koblenz and enjoy a weekend full of comfort, community and relaxation. Yokolou Koblenz stands for modern furnished apartments, cozy communal areas and the opportunity to meet new people. Presented by "Yokolou" Koblenz
Gewinn WeinKaiserWein, Yokolou Koblenz  ©Yokolou Koblenz
4. Price
2x 5 guided tours of the "Aroma Hops Plus" beer experience tour
We only hop the best!

Learn all about the art of brewing in Hachenburg at 12 different stops on this 90-minute beer experience tour.

Find out why the Westerwald brewery brews exclusively with aromatic hops and what slow brewing is all about. Among other things, marvel at the transparent Hachenburger brewhouse and experience the journey of Hachenburger beers from the malty start to bottling in kegs and bottles. Taste a still unfiltered Zwickel and draw Pils from the Hachenburger Hopfomat in the Zwickel cellar from the bottom of the glass!
After the tour, you can spend another 1 - 1.5 hours in our Schalander, where we serve you our famous Wäller potato soup with plenty of seconds, fresh beer bread and pretzels. Here you can sample our wide range of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages - because two additional drinks are already included!"Presented by the Hachenburg Brewery
Gewinn WeinKaiserWein 2024 , Hachenburger Brauerei ©Hachenburger Brauerei
5. Price
An annual pass for the "Schängelfähre" ferry
Experience the charm of the Rhine in a very special way!

With the "Schängelfähre" annual ticket, you can enjoy the picturesque crossing between Ehrenbreitstein and Koblenz for a whole year!

The "Schängelfähre" connects the Ehrenbreitstein district on the right bank of the Rhine with the lively Altstadt of Koblenz, offering an incomparable view of the UNESCO World Heritage Upper Middle Rhine Valley. Experience the romance of the Rhine and discover the treasures of both banks on unforgettable trips on the "Schängelfähre"!Presented by Gilles Personenschiffahrt
Gewinn WeinKaiserWein 2024, Gilles  ©Koblenz-Touristik, Janko.Media
6. Price
100 € shopping voucher
Experience pure shopping pleasure!
Win a €100 voucher and experience an unforgettable shopping moment at GLOBUS Koblenz-Bubenheim.Immerse yourself in the variety of products and unique atmosphere.Presented by Globus Koblenz-Bubenheim
Gewinn WeinKaiserWein 2024, Globus ©Globus Koblenz-Bubenheim